Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Turkey Bowling

I hit up the YSA Turkey Bowl this weekend in Husky Stadium. We had
quite the team of family and friends including brothers Nick and Brian
pictured above. We ended things with two losses and one bloody lip
(mine), but as our original team name indicated, it was stil
enjoyable. (Another team signed up as "Team Awesome," so we went with "The Canadian Tuxedos").

Sunday, November 9, 2008

People Protesting Proposition 8

The protests that started in California and moved to Utah made it to Seattle today . In Utah there were 2000 people, we had maybe 50 outside Stake Conference. Most of them were pretty polite and said "good morning, shame on the church."

Copeland in Seattle

Tom and I went to see Copeland this week at the urging of some friends I met at Arby's, and after downloading some tracks and really enjoying them. It was a pretty phenomenal show. They have had 4 albums or so, but from what I've heard the newest is the best. I particularly like "Strange and Unprepared" (see the video I took below) and "The Grey Man."

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween as St. Francis

This was my Halloween Costume, minus the bullets. It may not be creative, but it was step away from the rapper attire (my costume of choice since 2003), and still baggy enough to keep me feeling like a thug. As part of the festivities we hit up Trolloween, a festival in Fremont where people dance in the streets to the skeleton drummers.