Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Santa clause is coming downtown

Possibly the most raucous/soulful version of this song ever recorded.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Brian the saw whisperer

It's a saw and it's making music. I am playing the guitar, but that's not so surprising.

Rap City - Centerville

More settlers than rapping, but we did get some interesting sounds after swiping instruments from the pre-schoolers

a few members of the Libby fan club

late night Settlers game = less than optimal decision making

Exhibit A

someone thought walking to Target in the winter would be fun

And it pretty much was

Christmas with Baby Libby

I never thought I would be the person taking tons of baby pictures, but baby Libby, also know as libbecita, has proven to be quite the lens magnet, and I think you will agree for good reason. More or her can be found at http://libbynorton.blogspot.com/

Rap City - Boston

The 50 years of rap continues, including lyric writing at dominoes pizza. Music from the Thanksgiving trip to boston is at http://www.porterlane.com/