Thursday, February 19, 2009

New Zealand Trip - 3 Ukeleles

We invested some time in Sydney learning the Ukelele. So far we have the first verse of about Three songs, which came in handy impressing people at the beach.

Monday, February 16, 2009

New Zealand Trip - What up Southern Hemisphere

Here's a bit of what's been going down so far on this little trip of ours.

2/12 Thursday Day 1 - The Arrival. We stumble into in to Wellington, after many hours of flight only to find we lost Wednesday. We sleep in Ads deluxe apartment, hit the Te Papa national museum and almost loose our respective lunches on what maybe the worst 3D motion ride in either hemisphere. We also apparently experienced the worst rain the city has seen in some time, but it was still fun.

2/13 Friday Day 2 - Sydnaaay. It's a four hour flight from Wellington to Sydney for those like me who thought everything was close together at the botton of the map. We Checked into a hotel in Chinatown and all instantly fell in love with the city. As feed said, it's a city that rewards exploration. Stores, clubs, restaurants and interested/attractive looking people everywhere.

2/14 Saturday Day 3 - Manley Snooker. With our first full day in Sydney we went to Manly island, a "must see" that I would class as a "could miss." Although if it were a sunny day I could see how the beaches might be more lovely and hopping. We hung out in a club for a bit, played snooker then made it back to the city for an Italian dinner surrounded by valentining couples and groups of single women then walked around Darling harbor and Chinatown. We also purchased ukelele's. More to come on that.

2/15 Sunday Day 4 - Sabbath of Discontent. Unfortunately the Syndey LDS young singles branch seemed very unidicative of the city. We fled after Sunday school to hit a pho place we'd spotted the night before then wandered around Darling Harbor some more a bit and found a highly recommended recommended Thai place, Longgrain for dinner.

Photos from the Trip to Manly. Tom has more pics of other stuff at his blog. http://sixteenbynine.blogspocom/, I'll also be posting more here and on Facebook at some point.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Jenny Lewis is Mezmorizing

I saw her perform on the UW campus a few weeks ago. It was amazing.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Please take this survey about our survery

So I've had this survey from BYU in my bag for a while. I feel like I should complete it since the school paid for my education, but its 12 pages long . Just to filling in the circles without reading the questions would take an solid hour. Anyway, I'm trying to work on it a bit at a time, and today I got this email:

Dear David,

Our records indicate that we never received a completed survey back from you. We recognize there may be several reasons why you did not respond to the BYU Alumni Survey. We would like to learn more about that. Would you please click the link below and take about 2 minutes to answer some confidential questions for us. This will help us better understand your thoughts about the BYU Alumni Survey. (If you have already sent back your survey, please disregard this email.)

Awesome. Please take this survey about why you didn't want to take our survey. :)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Libby is my favorite

It's tough not to love Libby, even when the love isn't returned. (She channels most of her affection to Sesame Street, which is what we are watching on my iPhone.) We've been hanging out quite a bit the last few weeks for Christmas, babysitting opportunities etc. I'm pretty happy that she now recognizes me as Davey.

This looks like a Mormon movie I'd want to see

Turns out when left to my own devices I eat really weird things

Facebook is Killing my Blog

I'm sure others are suffering a similar fate. Facebook is just so interactive and convenient. But I'm not giving up yet.