Monday, October 27, 2008


I went and saw Duffy. My first concert in Seattle. She didn't stray too far from her songbook (I was hoping for a nice 60's cover) but it was still pretty solid. The opening act was a chubby white guy, Eli "Paperboy" Reed, who sings like James Brown.

Quality Time with Libby

I have been spending some quality time with my niece Libby and showing her a little bit about the important things in life. Like flat screen TVs.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Cross country journey

My days in Wisconsin are now done, so here are some final recounts and parting moments.

This was my Oregon Trail themed going away party. There was Apple II Oregon trail on the left and the Packer game (a dismal defeat to the Cowboys) on the right. To see the reaction to the Oregon trail (which severely annoyed the Packer fans) click here.

My last teddy wedger. A calorie laden treat available on the capitol square.

A final evening with folks from Epic. This happened to be creepy mustache and T-shirt night.

This is my Jeep and Uhaul trailer, both of which were bursting at the seams with my stuff.

Dad and I at Mount Rushmore on the way to Utah.

Westside Fool

I finally reached the Northwest in my quest to unrest the other MC's who think they the best. Keep an eye out for the hot tunes hitting, and also look for Tom and I to be hitting to the stage in the Seattle area and unleashing on the unsuspecting community.