Sunday, September 14, 2008

BYU Volleyball in Wisconsin

I went with some friends to see the BYU ladies take on the Wisconsin women. When you and your friends constitute the entire cheering section in a room full of opposing fans you feel certain obligations (to be loud) and you get certain perks (like front row seats in the BYU sections, and the occational nods from team). I will say I the team performed better when they were on our side, but in the end we were not victorious.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Our Own Special Olympics

We had an ice-blocking Olympics for the Madison University Ward, which was pretty phenomenal, minus the hives and sneezing that came from the weeds we were riding through. I was proud to represent our neighbors to north, but disappointed with only a silver in the slalom. Lots of people were shooting video, unfortunately I wasn't one of them. If you didn't go to BYU and want an idea of what ice blocking is like you can check the video.

Farewell Old Friends-A Tribute

Those who have known me well over the past 14 years may have known these speakers. They have served as part of my personal stereo, as a mixing console, as a band PA system, as party speakers, and most recently as the power behind a stake dance DJ set up. They traveled across the country once, but sadly will not be crossing again. Repairing the blown woofer was more than they were worth (original price $10 at Deseret Industries), so I left them with St. Vincent De Paul on Saturday and I leave them with this brief tribute. It's been a good run.